Wesley Aston grew up in Utah and Idaho mostly
taking art classes, with a couple of photography
classes. He never took many pictures, although
his love for the outdoor soon inspired him to take
and went, until the wonders of "Digital" came into
view.  Learning about computers, and technology
became his hobby.  Working his still current retail
job has exposed him to new and wonderful
His first purchase was 1 megapixel Hewlett
Packard digital camera, which soon he out grew
and replaced with a 3 megapixel Kodak.  His first
taken while he was fishing one day, a favorite
pastime.  Now days off Wes began looking for
places to take more pictures.  Fishing trips and
hikes were now accompanied with a camera.  He
loved showing off his pictures to others, which to
his surprise people thought were wonderful. He
upgraded cameras as time passed, when he
would out grow the current model.  The first
camera with manual modes and a new learning
curve was his Fuji 4900z.  Soon replaced by a
Sony 707.
2003 he got his first digital SLR camera, the
Digital Rebel.  Along with this camera came more
Soon this camera was joined with a more
choices for cameras these days he is always
trying out new models.  Current gear is now:

Canon Rebel T1i
Canon 7D
Canon SD 1400is
Go Pro HD
Go Pro 2 HD

Canon 50mm
Canon 70-200mm f2.8
Canon 100-400mm
Sigma 10-20mm
Sigma 17-70mm
Tamron 17-35mm
Tamron 28-75mm

Memory Cards
Camera Backpacks

And the wish list grows.20
Whenever Wesley gets the chance he loves to go on photography trips with his wife Markai.  Out
hiking the Uinita Mountains to the Deserts of Arches, and Canyonlands National Parks.  New
favorite places are Escalante National Park, and Glen Canyon, with many slot canyons to explore.  
The camera gear will always find away to make it in any trip Wes goes on.  He just loves to bring
back the memories of where it is that he just has been exploring.  Always looking for the perfect
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