Hello,  my name is Wesley Aston and I have been
doing photography for over 12 years.  I started
with art way back in high school which helped me
learn composition.  I branched out into
photography after I started working for Staples,
getting to play with all the new gadgets got me
hooked.  I played around at first taken shots
where ever I was.  In 2004 I got serious about
photography, and  I did a Photo A Day project
where I took a photo every single day for a year.
See for yourself.
As I continued to shoot even after the project was
done I found I started planning trips based off
where I wanted to shoot photos.  This has
become a curse, even though I love it, I can't not
take a camera on a trip and think about what I
want to shoot!  Over the years I have tried many
different types of photography.  I love the
outdoors so landscapes are always what I look
for. However my favorite is going after Wildlife.  
Watching and catching animals in nature is
something I live for.  I will shoot a little of anything
though, from family, wedding, and people
photography to sports, product, and stock
photography.  There is so much that can be done
I can't just stay with one style.
I have learned over they years on how to use
the gear and different techniques, but I wish I
could start all over again with what I know now.  
The Internet and other photographers out and
about is how I have learned what I know today.  I
love to show others what I have learned over the
years to help them take better shots.

Not only do I teach people, I also have led many
photography trips as a photo tour guide on
some adventures.  Chasing wildlife, shooting
stars, lightning, and lots of fun hiking spots.  
If you are interested in an adventure or learning
more about photography send me an email.

I have been taking things to the next level and
working more with video.  I have been building
up a stock collection of HD and 4K clips of what I
see on my travels.  Time lapse videos have
been one of my favorite things to do this past
year.  I also have been working for a production
video company over the past year, not only
helping them with their clips, but much more.  I
have gotten into color grading videos with neat
programs.  Davinci Resolve is one of them
along, with After Effects, Premier, and
Speedgrade.  I have already been using
Photoshop and Lightroom for years, but it is fun
to add more to the resume!
One other thing to make my photography stand out is that I started building and framing my own
prints.  I like the rustic look printed on canvas or metal, however other styles can still be done.  I
have my work hanging around Utah in homes, offices, and hotels.  But have shipped some of my
creations world wide.  It is a great feeling to know that I have pictures hanging up on the other side
of the planet and that is what drives me to become better.  I will continue to look for new ways to
improve and hope I can continue to share my work with you and others!
© 2016 Wesley Aston | contact@wesleyaston.com